Appliance Repair

If you’re looking at a broken home appliance but you’re not ready to replace it, the expert team at Central Appliances can help. We have years of experience and hundreds of house calls getting dryers, dishwashers, and other major home appliances working again we REPAIR all brands.

Gas stove isolated on a white background


Is your oven not heating or baking like you expect? Is your stovetop not heating or gas burner not lighting (non-stop sparking)? If the self-cleaning on your oven has stopped working or anything else isn’t operating normally, contact us for Repairs



If your fridge is leaking or your food is going bad because it is not as cool as it should be, it may be time for use to take a look. Give our technicians a call and we can arrange a time Repair your fridge.

white washing machine

Washers and Dryers

We have years of experience repairing washers that won’t turn on, dryers with no heat. If your washing machine is leaking, won’t drain, or you are experiencing some other problems with laundry appliances you have invested so much in we will be able to help. Contact us and one of our technicians would be glad give you a quote.

Dishwasher machine isolated on a white background


Let us look at your your dishwasher if it’s not working like it used to. In many cases, we can come out to your location within 24 hours and make sure you’re not stuck with another pile of handwashing after that big dinner!